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Strider grinned. While the man was indeed imposing, height did not bother him. The bigger they were the harder they fell. Strider himself looked only in his mid twenties, and he was glad that his young appearance had fooled the man. "My arrogance is backed with confidence, I assure you," the man replied, spinning his lightsaber and holding it at the ready.

"You heard the lady, it's time to tango, maybe if you've got some skill I might spare you," the Sith Hunter taunted with a cocky smile. He debated to himself whether or not one day his arrogance would get the better of him, then, deciding that he knew better than that, dashed the thoughts away and focused now on the stance of the man before him.

"As the new challenger, I say it would only be polite if you go first. Make your move."

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