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I forgot.... what?
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Well I've got permission for LDJ's maps, omeewan's high quality SW models, War_shark's DE-10 blaster pistol and some other stuff I forgot.

I think we should just pick a ******** theme and get maps and models from that theme. The most important part of a theme for me is that we won't have dooku + blob rifle + jetpack vs Luke + disruptor + forcefield, which is too basish for me to enjoy.

Lathain is right here. I have the JK2 maps ripped with textures and all into one big file in my ojpenhanced folder and sometimes I play them on coop to see how far I can get without crashing. Well some of them won't load but you can play others to the end pretty much! It's a shame that others won't download it. Cairn_bay is an excellent dueling spot if anything. *JO flashback*

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