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As the little binjinphant, Cyan, eats a piece of fruit on a tree branch, she notices that Lyna looked kind of sad. She drops the fruit, and jumps to her master. Landing carefully on the ground, Cyan ran on Lyna's shoulder.

Lyna looked at the little binjiphant, and smiled. "Nice day, huh?" Cyan answered with a happy squeal. "Yeah. I wonder what the others are up to." Lyna used the Force to sense where they were. Then she replied, "Ah. They're in training." She got up.

"Well, let's see if Cade wants a challenge..." she pulled out her lightsaber. "Shall we, Cyan?" Cyan wagged her tail with excitement. The young woman laughed. "I thought so."

She and Cyan ran to find him. Finally, they found both Cade and Wolf, under training. Lyna stood on top of the stairs, and activated her lightsaber. The bright orange blade shone, as the sun shone behind Lyna. She herself was good at lightsaber fights, but needed more training too.

Lyna shouted from above, "Hey, Skywalker?! Wanna challenge?"
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