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((my bad...))

The Seren followers cowered after what had just happened...
The inside of the dock's doors were dented, the man unfortunate enough to be standing near Asa after her little tantrum after discovering the inactive doors; his head lay in blasted ruins several feet from his body.

Normally her face was invisible, though the frightened Seren gasped when she glared at them with glowing blue eyes from under the dark hood, her voice distored by the remnants of the power used to damage the docking bay doors in her rage.
"Protect the ship, I will deal with this!"

The doors leading in the security-section were sealed shut, the controls locked out. Stepping back, Asa gestured with her hand for the door to open, though more or less was sheared from it's bearings as if hit by a starship cannon.

Multiple bulkhead-like blast doors impeeded her progress, it was a simple matter of walking with her hand outstretched, ripping each and everyone out of place as she walked casually through. She could sense that she was close, one of the Jedi sat at the controls, the cause of the problem...


Uie'Sha stood confidently behind Strider, not getting in his way though ready to support him should he need it. His ears picked up suddenly as his attention was drawn elsewhere, Juhn-Kai's friend Faroid was injured and he sensed something foreboding heading in that direction.

"I must help our friend, his life is in danger..." he knew the old Emukiel would think him a coward for running away, though he valued saving anothers' life while more than capable jedi dealt with the Sith.

His alien-esque legs carried him at speeds impossible for a human, leading towards the security section, he only hoped that he could get there before the dark presence.


The last door ripped away painfully, Asa let loose a slight sigh as she walked up to the Security room door. Before she could open it, another being came up suddenly, a Half-Bothan Jedi skipped to a halt and activated a white lightsabre. She couldn't place it, he seemed familiar.

"Uie'Sha?" she asked, feeling a slight pang of shock.
His eyes went wide as he realized who she was, his four-digit paws clenched on the lightsabre nonetheless.
"Stand down, it is not your time..." she stated melodramatically.
"Not this time Asa" he mocked her name openly.
"I do not wish to destroy you, though you are in my way and this must be seen through..." she was being honest for what felt like an eternity, Uie'Sha had adopted a Vapaad stance and prepared to engage.


With a piteous roar, Uie'Sha charged her... A wave of Asa's hand sent him flying into the wall, she gripped his lightasbre and destroyed it. The half-Bothan was no novicewith the force, he was able to knock his opponent down with a strong push only to have himself batted aside again as she fell.
They both climbed to their feet and met with palms flat as if on opposite sides of an invisible wall, a strong gust resulted from the whirling maelstrom of force-energy that surrounded their duel, Uie'Sha was yelling defiantly in a single-toned shout.

Asa's eyes began to glow once more, countering his impressive efforts and skidding his padded feet across the stone floor. Bringing his paws closer together, his push became an orb of energy which she countered, forming into a shere of purified force-lightning between them.

With every muscle tensed, Uie'Sha began to shake slightly from over-exertion while his aquaintence stood placidly, pushing him further and further beyond his capabilities. As his final gasp sounded the end of his ability, the orb collided with his chest, releasing a small shockwave... Uie'Sha's lifeless body fell in a crumpled heap before Asa.

If could she remember how to cry, she would have...

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