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Bonty Zam, flying in his Crazy Bantha circus ship, searches for Lyna Honso. The young woman gave him a big bruise on the head, and now he is trying to get her back, to put her on show business again.

"You're still under my rules, Lyna," he said to himself. "No matter where you go... or no matter where you hide... I'll find you." Bonty glanced back at his henchmen. They were twin Noghri named Logan and Jorgan.

As they were playing cards, Bonty snapped, "Logan! Jorgan! I have an assighment for you two..." The Henchmen Twins, as they were called, nodded. They never said much, but they could speak a little. They were also loyal to their boss, because whatever he told them to do, they'd do it.

Logan asked, "Wha' do ya need, boss?" Bonty smiled. "I'm glad you asked..."
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