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Hmmm ....

Originally Posted by ZeqMacaw
Verify that there is a jk1.gob file in the Episode folder (for example, C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Jedi Knight\Episode), and that it is about 34 MB. The errors occur when there are no single player gobs in that folder. Maybe the file is read-only and JK needs other access attributes.

You could try manually installing JK.

I have copied and used successfully JK player profiles from a Win98SE PC to a WinXP PC and vice-versa. Both PCs had the same JK files installed on them.

I will try to duplicate the problem on my XP PC (which runs JK just fine).

Note that running Windows XP without SP2 installed is a huge security risk. It is pretty much guaranteed that without SP2 installed, your PC will be infected with all kinds of viruses within a few minutes after connecting to the Internet. Perhaps, a virus is making JK unplayable.

Hmmm, upon checking the Episode folder, in fact none of the *.gob files were there ...
When I actually tried to manually copy them across into the Episode folder, I was able to copy across the other 2 .gob files, but upon trying to copy across JK1.gob, I received 2 error messages:
1st: "Cannot copy JK1: Invalid MS-DOS function".
2nd: "Cannot copy JK1: Data error (Cyclic Redundancy Check)" - this one happened most of the time.

Obviously, I haven't been able to copy it across ...

Arrrgh! This is frustrating!

To be honest, I'm not sure how the file has become corrupted (if it has), seeing as I've taken care of the CDs ....

Sigh ...

Any suggestions?

Regarding the issue of upgrading to SP2 (and this is for JKLE_Cougar too): I was under the impression that SP2 didn't like older games, and have read numerous complaints regarding it (hence the reason why I haven't installed it so far).
As to the question regarding the updates that would be "necessary" to play JK in WinXP, do you have an idea which ones I'd definitely need?

As for viruses: altho not having SP2 has admittedly made my system more vulnerable, I would have assumed having Norton's I'net Sec + numerous other s'ware would have prevented my system catching them or any other malware (or at least would have caught them but detected and then eliminated them) ... and thus eliminated the problem of viruses &c. At least, I haven't detected any viruses and malware....... (fingers crossed!)

By the way, I've upgraded my DirectX to 9.0c, if it matters!
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