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A clap came from the shadows as Uie'Sha's body slumped to the floor. A man stood there, stepping out of the shadows and revealing himself to be Emukiel who had followed the young and rash half-bothan probably without a word of his leaving to the rest of the group either. Without a word, the Weequay stepped next to Uie'Sha and knelt down, looking at him for a moment. Another clap of his hands together, aftewards which he placed his palms on the half-bothan's body and a surge of blue energy surrounded the two. It released a dark presence into the area as the ancient Jedi Master tapped into the Dark Side for strenght, something nobody should even try without causing himself to fall to it's presence. However, as life found itself back within Uie'Sha's body, the Weequay swiftly stopped. He would explain this later if the half-bothan was willing to listen, but now was not the time. He was only barely aive now and would have to use much of his will to keep this newly given life from slipping from his body. There were two wounded jedi in the vicinity and Emukiel looked back up at Asa.

The Jedi rose up and stood straight, facing the woman and smirking silently for a while before taking out his lightsaber. However, the jedi looked at his surroundings and another smirk came on his face.
"So, do you wish to meet your doom at the hands of a lightsaber or the force?" he asked simply, not even igniting his lightsaber yet as he waited for Asa's decision. If she would try the same trick of destroying his lightsaber that he did with Uie'Sha's, he was ready to return the favour on her rib cage.

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