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"Thank you, master. The Jedi's attempt to seprate us will fail, they will eventually fall one at a time." Darth Saaron said, smiling, and then continued. "Very well, I will be in my training room in my quarters practicing if you need me. When I am finished, I will seek you out." He said and tuned into his quarters to begin training.


After a full day of endless training, Darth Saaron felt that he had finally got the lightsaber forms down well enough to spar with his father. Through the force he called out to him as he walked onto the bridge of the star destroyer, ::Father, I believe I am ready to spar with you.::. Recieving several curious glances from the crew, he growled "What are you looking at?! GET BACK TO WORK, this dosnt concern you!" The crew a bit startled by his outburst, went back to their duties.
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