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Darth Kelion knew his son needed to talk to the Jedi and see for himself what they were like, so he left for the Bridge. "We will be landing shortly my Lord," said the Admiral. "Good, tell the Academy to make the necessary arrangements," Darth Kelion replied. "Um, Sir, there is one more thing. The Ship Fearless has been reported in the general vicinity," the Admiral said wincing. "What?! Send out a command to fire on the ship and cause it to land. Find the occupant and bring her to me," Darth Kelion commanded.


The woman in black dodged the blows being shot at her, "You won't get me like you did the last time. If I want to talk to you, I'll find you." She landed her ship skillfully on the Planet Surface away from the Academy. She sat down in her meditation room to wait for the opportune moment.

"To become who you were born to be, you must first figure out who you are."
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