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Post Finally!

Originally Posted by JKLE_Cougar
well it dont matter for JK and SP2

JK is not THAT old... i have Media Center with SP2 and JK works fine for me

could you try copying the GOB files from the 98 to the XP? that could possibly work

as for updates there arent really any updates unless you use a joystick there is a 1.01 patch out there but thats all it really does

hey if you ever do get JK to work come to my clans website and we will have a game or 2 with you! its in my signature
"not THAT old" heh heh! I am surprised tho you can play JK1 with SP2 ...

Anyway, thanks for your help guys, I've finally been able to get the b----y thing working on my laptop!!!! Yay!!!
It seems that the problem was in fact a corrupted JK1.gob file .. very strange ....

Solution (for anyone else out there):
What I did was goto CD2, which actually had many of the same files on it, so what I did was copy the much needed file across into the required folder on my HDD, so now the thing works a treat! No media issues apart from grainy and at time blocky video clips during the game.
Of course, I've now made a back up of all of the files, in case anything like this happens again ... grrrr!
Just so that people know, the folder title (Episode) is exactly the same for CD2 as it is for CD1, as are its contents ... this is for other folders as well (as much as I have seen them so far) ....

ZeqMacaw: good idea with manual installation - it set me off on the right track, cheers!!!
JKLE_Cougar: good idea with copying across from the 98 to XP. Now, if only I had kept that old box .... Also, I'm afraid my jedi duelling skills are a little rusty at present although I once used to be a gun sniper, even if I do say so myself! Maybe in the future when I get broadband I'll give you a game- yes, that's right, due to being in a broadband shadow where my flat is, I'm still stuck on the ole dial up!!!! (One of the probs for IT in Australia, unlike you lucky bastards in the US!) Thanks for the offer tho! However, at uni I do have access to high speeds using my laptop, but I'm not sure how I can bypass the thought police!!!!

Anyway, speaking of media files, does anyone know how to convert *.smk video files so that they can be played in Windows Media Player? Or to at least capture the video clips as they're being played in a playable format?

Another question: regarding JK Enhanced ... in order to prepare the game for JKE, do you need to install al of the unofficial updates in chronological order, or only the last one? Also, will saved games from the original game work in the "enhanced" version?

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