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The twins regarded Hethra for a moment. They knew he meant no harm but they must show respect to the princess. It was Jun-la who stepped forward and gave a bow before Almalexia. She then stood and addressed her, "Our father is here in the forest. Nekang, the white wolf, informed us that two people were coming our way. We can show you to him but you must declare your intentions, my lady."

Almalexia was aware that the twins were brought up in the formal manner of their people, treating the heir apparents with a modicum of respect based upon their deeds and mannerisms. She knew that the twins would address her and not the Jedi all out of respect. She replied mainly to Hethra, "The formal greeting established 4000 before the Republic fell. I have not seen that in years."

"Our father, though born on a colony was Avalonian heart and soul and taught us well."

Almalexia smiled at the twins. The girl was well spoken though the boy had yet to say something. She replied, "Then surely he knows that we would like to have tea in his house?" She shot a look at Hethra, intending to tell him to be patient. Protocol must be observed even in a crisis. It paved the way for cooler heads.

Tulre spoke up, "Yes of course. Follow us and stick to the paths." He turned and led the way, followed by his sister.

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