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Lyna stopped the duel. She looked at her friend, Ganner, and narrowed her eyes, confusingly. "Thanks, Ganner. I'll be out in just a minute." When she walked outside alone, she noticed the ship quickly...

It was the Crazy Bantha circus ship! And she knew what that meant. Zam was here! "No. No!" Lyna screamed in horror. How did he find her? Suddenly, Logan and Jorgan grabbed her, both at her side.

"Let me go, you stupid overgrown lizards!" As Lyna was struggling, she asked, "Where's your boss? Huh?!" A voice answered, "Right here, my dear..." Bonty came out of his ship, and laughed coldly. "Thought you could run from me, Lyna? Well... ya didn't succeed."

Lyna glared at her former ringleader... and master. "Help! Someone help!!" she yelled for the others. Cyan oversaw what was happening. She was in shock. The little binjinphant ran back to the Temple, and caught up with Cade and the others. Cyan grabbed Cade's trench coat with her teeth, to make him follow her.

(( During this situation, Bonty's gonna talk "business" with the Jedi, before anything happens. Just to remind you guys. ))

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