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"Woah! This coat is DRY-CLEAN-ONLY, ya' stupid, litlle racoon!" Cade hissed at Lyna's pet, she commonly called Cyan.

But Cyan didn't listen and led Cade out of the exterior of the Temple, near the entrance. Cade hid behind a pillar to see at least two men had grabbed Lyna by the wrists. One cold-sort of a man was speaking to Lyna.

Cade reached for his Lightsaber clipped to his belt, and sliently, climbed atop of the pillar. There he saw a birds-eye view of the aggresive conversation. Cade made a jump flip down, activated his Lightsaber, landed right behind Zam, and raised the glowing blade right near his throat.

"So, is there an explanation of why your buddies here are flirting with death by clamping their dirty hands on my friend here?" he whispered in the man's ear.
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