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The newcomer finished his beer and stood up. Spurs jingling, he walked to the table where Bugsby was getting ready to leave. He didn't sit down, but instead leaned on the table with his fists.

"You Bugsby?" he asked, taking a toothpick from the small tray in the middle of the table and putting it in his mouth. It helped him concentrate after he'd quit smoking. Before Bugsby could answer, the stranger continued.
"I've got something for ya" he said, reaching inside his poncho and causing the effect of the mayor men getting ready to draw their guns. The rider didn't seem to even notice them, drawing out a golden star with blood on it. You could still read the words 'Sheriff of Marston' on it.

"Tell your lynching buddies to drag their asses over here. I'm finished trying to gather them all up myself. I'll finish you all here and before I do, you can kiss goodbye to getting me out of this town" he said and spat the toothpick on the table. The sharp toothpick drilled itself into the table and stood there by itself while the Rider left, tilting his hat to the Captain on his way out, taking she was the only respectable lady in the saloon at the time. The man walked out, taking his horse and then heading for the hotel next door. BEfore he tied the horse down, he took the saddlebags and the rifle from the beast's back. A kid ran by, but the rider's strong hand grabbed his shoulder, stopping him and turning him around.

"Take my horse to the stables. Say to the stablemaster to keep good care of the Stranger's horse" he said with a smug smile while handing out a few coins to the kiddo. Afterwards, he walked inside and booked himself a room with a balcony overlooking the street. Roughtly immediately he appeared on his balcony, spitting to the street below him and watching as Bugsy left the saloon nervously. With the rifle beside him and the pair of six shooters on his hips, he was aware he probably now had the mayor's men on his case. He had stirred up the town and they couldn't have that. Especially when a stranger comes into town and starts spreading threats as his first thing.

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