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Question [Fin] Star wars:KOTOR3-worst far

star wars:knights of the old republic

CHAPTER ONE: new beginnings and tragic ends

"I never thought I'd see Nar Shaddaa again" mira said stepping out of the Ebon Hawk.
"I never thought i would be able to play paazak again.Well I will be in the cantina"said Atton.
"Yes losing our money no doubt" remarked a female voice from the Ebon Hawk.
"Know who said I was going to play paazak.Excuse me Exile but I would figure you as the paazak addict."replied Atton.
The exile a.k.a. Padme Hawkeye steps out of the Ebon Hawk "Atton am I wrong.I'll admit my addiction if you admit yours"Padme smirked.
"Paazak is not what I am addicted to,but you know what I am addicted to,"Atton replies as he moves face to face with Padme.Padme's heart starts racing.
"Atton that is not the way of a gentleman or jedi" Mical,the Disiple said.
"Well Padme who do prefer better a gentleman or a scoundrel?"Atton asked Padme.
Padme's face flushes and she replies"Not know Atton."
She begins to walk away but Atton grabs her arm and whispers in her ear"When will be the right time.We all just survived Kreia and Malochor Five.I know you enough that you will leave us someday ,just like Revan did to his friends.You will have to deal with this before you leave."
"You know me to well.I promise we will talk but not now we need to get more supplies and take Mandolore back to Dxun.I am not leaving anytime soon."Padme answers.
Padme walks off.The Disiple follows her giving Atton a disapproving look.
Suddenly a cry comes from the Ebon Hawk.Padme,Atton,Mical,and Mira rush back finding Mandolore,Visas,and the driods outside.She notices Mandolore holding a bloody sword.
"Where's Bao-Dur?"she asks.
Mandolore coldly replies"He's dead"

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