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I've got it on the 360 so the graphics are quite a bit better than Stoffe's screenies (better still if we had a giant TV), but I can't use any PC mods obviously. I've never been really big on doing the whole modding thing myself though, so it's a fair trade-off, and although it would be nice to use other people's, it's not like there's any shortage of regular game content.

Originally Posted by Killwithhonor
Oblivion looks very good and has awesome landscapes but the only things that bother me is that it can get chopper when going through the forest more often then not, tho i have put down the game for quite some time because i got really tired of the whole gates of doom, there was just way too many so i've recently picked it back up to start side questing
You don't have to close them all!! Just the Kvatch one and as many of the 'Allies for Bruma' quest gates as you think you'll need allies for when you close the final great gate (outside Bruma)... that quest is completely optional, it just makes the end of the main quest a bit easier. The other gates that open everywhere after Kvatch you don't have to bother with at all. Even if you close them they'll eventually open up again anyway.


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