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"AHHHH!!!" Bonty screamed in agony, when his ear was cut off. This dude was not having a good day. His henchmen helped him to the ship, as they were near it, he yelled to them, "Get off me!!" He glared at Lyna. "You still belong to my circus, Lyna! I took care of you! But noooo! You're a spolied, pathetic brat!"

Lyna's eyes were raged with tears. "You promised me my freedom, you black hearted scum! You promised-" "I promised you nothing... slave." Bonty said, locking his eyes towards Lyna's. The young girl was furious. Once again, she Force pushed Logan and Jorgan out of the way, ran to the ringleader and...

Scratched him on the right side of his face clean! There was a big scar on it, and he yelled out in pain. "You little...!" Bonty said. His last words were, "I shoulda left you on the streets, Jedi brat!" As he stormed to his ship, he kicked his henchmen. "Lets go!!"

They got on the ship, and flew off into space. Lyna stared up in tears, then slowly looked at her hand, which was covered with blood. She fell on the ground, kneeling. Then closed her eyes. "I am not a brat. I am a Jedi!!!" She bowed her head, and cried. It started to rain, but she didn't care. She kept crying, wishing that her mom was here.
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