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Yep, that's right. Today the mod turns one (1) year old.

As in just about every other update, we will be showing pictures, but first we have a few things to mention.

First off the minimod. The minimod will only only be linked to from our forums for about a week, this way we can make sure we have everything rooted out, and then on the fourteenth I will submit it to filefront and post the link in the other threads we have. Keep in mind this is just a minimod, not the whole thing. Many skins and models in this release will change before the final release of Empire of the Hand. Before you start downloading, I suggest you finish reading the update.
If you encounter any bugs, please post them in the tech support forums.
Link to the thread with the link to Thrawn's Revenge v0.5

Next, a bit of a Thrawn's Revenge: Empire of the Hand development status update:
We are nearly done modelling and rigging for this release, with coding and voiceovers following close behind. However, skinning and mapping is going much slower due to our lack of skinners and mappers. We aim to have this version in beta stage near the end of the summer, assuming we get at least one mapper and skinner (Do not quote me on this, it's just an estimate).

Now, the renders...

First off we have the CIS Munificient.

(The CIS logo and stripes will be done as team colour)

Next is the CIS Recusant.

Next is the Republic AT-RT

Now the Death Star Prototype


Wild Karrde

Eta 2 Actis Light Interceptor

Errant Venture

Nebula Class Star Destroyer

That's all for now,
Yub Squadron
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