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As she was still shaken from Tepe's sharing of different parts of his life, Aislin did not immediately draw her saber. But she recovered quickly and the saber came to life with a flash of orange and its wielder settled into the opening stance of Ataru, indicating that whoever taught her had been trained in more than the three forms of combat more recently taken up by the Jedi. And after a moment of observing Tepe's stance, Aislin attacked, but almost immediately after her first strike, she shifted fluidly into Soresu.

Over the next couple of minutes, Aislin displayed her ability to shift easily from Ataru to Soresu and back, attacking with Ataru and defending by Soresu. Her 'blended' form of combat ever so slightly resembled that of someone Tepe had fought before; Reibe Vailar. The only difference is that Reibe also included elements of Makashi and her own 'tricks', but Aislin did not.

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"All over the galaxy," Jahara answered. "Never been one to stay in one place much..."

Charna laughed at Katherine's teasing. "Being married to Tepe is only dull in that it has lately required more attendance in diplomatic affairs than in actual combat," she said. "However, I find ways to keep myself and my skills in shape."

With a raised eyebrow, she went on, "Actually, he's presently occupied with one of our great-grandchildren..." She smiled at the thought, "one we didn't know we had. In all your travels, I'm sure you've heard of Aislin Dantes."

"More than heard of her," Jahara snorted in amusement. "Seen her in action. She's quite the impressive hunter."

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