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Sith Happens[U]

Padme wipes a strand of her blonde hair from her forehead as she kneels down to Bao-dur's lifeless gray body.She had ran to his sleeping quarters and found him laying on the floor.
"How?"Padme questioned.
"This was found near his body."Visas replied,she hands the exile a hologram.
Padme plays the hologram.It shows Bao-Dur stabbing himself with a sword then Bao-Dur says " You may have killed me but you will find the Exile a harder kill" he then falls to the ground and dies.
"Search the Ebon Hawk we have a Sith aboard our ship,!"orders Padme."Atton,stay with me for a second."
Padme hugs Atton and starts crying.She caresses his brown and clings to his Jedi robe."He survived Malochor Five twice.Sacrificed his beloved little Remote to help destroy Malochor Five.That little Remote distracted GO-TO long enough for GO-TO to be destroyed along with Malochor Five.GO-TO would still be a threat if it were not for Bao-Dur's work.You know how much I hated having that gangster machine with us.Why could'nt I have prevented this?,"she composses herself then continues"We need to go to Telos.that's were he should be buried.He loved that planet.Also contact Admiral Onasi and tell him the bad news."
" You can count on me.You did nothing wrong.Noone saw this coming"Atton kissed her forehead and for once she did not stop him.
Mical interupts them"We can find no trace of any Sith."
"Right on time Blondie as usual."Atton quips.
"No fights you two I just can not handle that right now ."Padme says and heads off to her chambers.
Atton sees that face that Mical usually gives him." I know I know ,but we all can't be like you Mr.Goodie Two Shoes.'' Atton leaves before Mical can respond.
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