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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
A person is a person as soon as they have independent DNA in a living, independent cell.
Pish posh. They have literally no intelligence, don't have a heart rate, are incapable of feeling pain, and are for all intents and purposes about as human as a clump of dirt only a few days after conception.

Before you bring up how its "soul" makes it human - we're dealing with science, not religion. If something cannot be seen, felt, touched, heart, or sensed in any other way, I do not believe it should have any place in a field of study that revolves completely around the physical. Science is a field independent of Christianity. I think it seems utterly ridiculous to attempt to force Christian values upon it when the people participating it aren't even all Christians. Strikes me as violating the separation of church and state (and the Constitution) when laws are passed solely for religious reasons.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Saying a child isn't living because it needs to be sustained in a uterus for awhile is like saying someone on a ventilator isn't alive because they need machines to breath for them.
Biased way to put it. See my above statement on the lack of any human characteristics...

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