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(wow. Zam's definatly not having a good day: ear cut, scratched in the face, henchmen being forced pushed into trees. As if things couldn't get any worse for him )

Cade raised his head up in the sky and let the rain pour on his face. It was quite cold. He took his jacket off and wrapped it around Lyna.

"C'mon, lets get you inside, before the storm gets any worse." he smiled, as he put his arm around the back of her neck. She had a hard day.


Darth Nihl looked out of the large window of the bridge on his flagship. He stared into the blackness of space and admiring the spectacular scene of a nebula.

Cade Skywalker was still alive out there. The last time they dueled, the victory was handed over to Cade. It was time to get even with him...
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