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"Impressive. Most impressive. I must meet your teacher" he asked while parrying with relative ease. A smile came upon his face as he observed all the small mistakes she made which would in turn give her opponent the place to end the battle, yet the man did not. Not yet. It took a while of dueling before Tepe noted it was no longer going anywhere. It had reached it's peak of interest and so the Lord ended it. With a swift combo of parrying, moving her blade only slightly aside and then jabbing his blade forwards brought them at a standstill which suited him perfectly. His blade was pointing at her stomach while her lightsaber was pointing at his neck but in such a position that were she to strike, she would plunge herself against his lightsaber.

"I have seen those two forms utilized together before, but in much more skillful and spohisticated hands. You wouldn't have been mingling with a Sith Hunter, now would you?" he asked with a grin, deactivating his lightsaber and stepping away from her blade's bright end. He clipped the hilt back on his blade and turned to see her again.


The Kel Dor's ship landed on a remote landing area on Serenno, the capital of the Sith Dominion. As he stepped off the ship with the original disk, he was encountered by two sith from the Inner Circle, a sort of secret society that is behind many great men of today. As the Baran Do sage approached them, they all bowed and after standing straight, took the disk.

"Thank you, Gor Dash. This will prove very useful. However, we are sorry to inform you that your master was killed. Assassinated. You are free to pick your new employer, from the Sith Dominion or outside of it, but we were hoping you might concider sticking around. You are a very valuable asset for the Circle. And now that we are going to include one more figure into it, we need someone who we can trust to make sure she doesn't grasp for too much power. We are waiting for the so called 'Princess of Darkness' to attend our next meeting, taking we sent her an invitation. You could at least take a look and decide afterwards" one of the Sith said, putting the disk into his pocket for now.
"Yes, milords. I will gladly meet your new member. Maybe it'll prove to be a job worth taking" the sage said and bowed. The sith bowed back before leaving for their speeder that would take them back to the Governmental district. Under the Sith Dominion's rule, the planet had become a ecumenopolis. It might not stand as tall as the one on Coruscant, but it was still easy to lose yourself in the city. The Kel Dor walked back to his ship and began meditating. As was the sages' way, he wished to see what was going to happen in the future. So he meditated

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