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Lyna got up, and placed Cade's coat around her tightly. When they got back in the Academy, she sat in front of the fireplace, and stared at it silently. Lyna was too upset... and afraid. "I won't go back, I wont go back, I won't go back," she kept repeating in her head.

She sniffed, and wiped a tear away. Cyan came by her master and rested her head on Lyna's lap. Lyna looked down at Cyan, and smiled faintly.


As Bonty flew his ship, he grumbled, "She and that so-called Jedi. They both should suffer for what they did to me! I gave Lyna a chance... but she blew it." Suddenly, something came up on his screen. It read:


Zam knew it was Darth Nihl's. All of a sudden, his ship was caught in a tractor beam. "Awww, shoot! What does he want now?!"
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