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Nihl didn't smile back, nor was he pleased to see Zam.

"I am curious as to know why you are missing an ear. Along with a big striking wound running down your face..."

He reached for his Lightsaber Cane. "You will answer everything I am going to ask. My master will finds this information somewhat useful of the whereabouts of Skywalker..."

He hit the long hilt against Zam's face.


Cade was walking the empty corridors of the Jedi Praxeum. His search for Wolf was starting to end in failure, but he chose to not give up.

He suddenly felt a rush of disturbance through the force. Something was outside the Praxeum. He ran to the main entrance of the academy, and exited through the large doorway. He breathed in the fresh air around Ossus. The storm was gone, but there were a few droplets of rain pouring from the night of the sky.

He suddenly spotted a figure in the distance. Though it was dark, Cade could see it was the outline of Wolf. The figure walked into the jungle. What was he doing? Cade followed.
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