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As Lyna sat in front of the fireplace, she felt sleepy. All of a sudden, she heard a voice. "Lyna..." The young woman's eyes shot open, and she looked around. "Hello? Is somebody there?" No answer. Lyna felt scared of being by herself. But at least Cyan was here with her.

She got up, and went up the stairs, followed by Cyan. The others were somewhere else, but she was curious of who called her. When she looked into the dark, Lyna laughed sheepishly to herself. "Must be outta my mind," she said to herself.

But when Lyna turned around... she saw a short man, with a humpback, long gray hair, torn clothes, and a cane, standing there! Lyna screamed, and backed away. "Who are you!" The short old man shushed her. "Do not be afraid, Lyna Honso. I am Gorto Cano. An old friend of your real parents."

Lyna's eyes widened. "M-my real parents? But... how can that be?" "When you were a small child, I use to work for your parents. Ha! Those two crazy kids were always into trouble."

Then, Gorto's face turned serious. "You must understand this, Lyna... that the reason your parents were criminals was because that they never had money, and they needed a way to survive." Lyna sat down on the stairs. "But... couldn't they find a job?" Gorto shook his head. "No one ever accepted them, because they were poor."

Gorto sighed. "I was their helper, always instructing them on where to get the big cash, ya know? Huh. I found the job interesting myself." Lyna looked down, while Cyan was hiding on the side of her. "Oh. I understand now." Gorto smiled kindly. "Here. This is a holodisc they recorded for you. Keep it with you."

He got up. "And may the Force be with you." Suddenly, he vanished. Lyna could tell that he was a ghost. "And may the Force be with you too." She looked at the disc, and sighed.


Bonty was so pleased with himself. Finally, he could have payback on both the Jedi. He replied, "Ooooh! You're tryin' to find Skywalker! Oh yeah. I know where that so-called Jedi's at. I totally do."
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