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Yes, I thought that at first, but then, when you arrive at Dinky Island, you find that parrot which guides you to Big Whoop and, supposedly, belonged to Captain Marley, and it repeats all the time: "I don't want my grandaughter to marry somebody like you, I want her to marry a captain" or something like that. I suppose, because of this, that Elaine was already a young woman and had pretenders at the time her grandfather arrived at Dinky. The Captain complained all the time about the pretenders and the parrot learned the phrase.

Of course that doesn't prove anything at all. I simply found strange the fact that everybody agrees calling the drunkard in Phatt Island by that name, Rum Rogers Jr., because I had never come to that conclusion before, and seemed a bit unlikely to me, not only because the age of the drunk man, also because he doesn't seem to know what's going on with that "treasure" in his new house. That's all.

PD. I've always played the Spanish version of the game, so I don't really know if the name appears in the original version; that's why I'm inquiring.
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