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A look of surprise flickered across Aislin's face as she switched her saber off and clipped it to her belt. "N-no, not to my knowledge," she answered. "I trained with the Jensaarai for five years." She frowned thoughtfully. "Although... six months into training, I was assigned to a different master... one who never gave her name."

"I'm proud of this one, Kid," Reibe announced, stepping out of the trees behind Tepe. It was clear she was referring to him when she said 'Kid'. "A very fast learner... almost as fast as Jahara was."

Aislin gasped. "You..." she stammered. Reibe smiled kindly.

"You sound like you could use a little help with words," she observed. "I am Reibe Vailar, leader of the Sith Hunters."

"I-I..." Aislin attempted. But again, Reibe was faster to finish her young student's sentence than Aislin could have done on her own.

"You had no idea," she concluded. "And yet didn't it seem odd to you? A woman nineteen years old by appearance with such skill and power as I have?" She shook her head. "But you were never one to question. You wanted skill and it mattered little who it came from."

She turned to Tepe. "You're right, Tepe," she said. "Aislin's skills are impressive, but she was too quick to leave training. She was not yet ready for the full form, so she only learned a part of it... and it was the part that suited the career she'd chosen for herself." She smiled faintly. "I find it highly interesting that she's found her way now to you, one of the last living masters of Makashi. And her own great-grandfather at that."

"I tried to kill him," Aislin mumbled, looking as though she felt extremely guilty for it. Reibe chuckled and nodded.

"Not to worry, Aislin," she said. "I've done much the same over the years. Now we've got something of a friendship... no, make that partnership going. If it's a wise thing to do, he's not one to withhold his trust merely because you jabbed a saber at him a few times."

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