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"Jensaarai... Bah. Those people think their armors can protect them from everything. What I'm wondering is why you, Riebe, were spending time with them? Trying to lure one of my own flesh and blood to your scheming?" he asked, looking at the Sith Hunter with a grin before looking towards the building they had come from, covered by the forest's thickness.

"Well, at least you have something in common. Neither of you have yet managed to finish my life" Tepe noted before starting to walk back towards the manor. Suddenly, his comlink beeped and the Lord took out a small holoprojector-equipped comlink, pressing a button and so receiving the visual of his aide bowing.

"My lord, I was asked to fill you in on the new law and report that our Wayland headquarters has been breached. According to the commander, the spy took with him one of our strategy maps" the aide said in the sith dialect with Tepe merely nodding afterwards, even if you could see from his eyes that he was not happy of the news.
"Fill me in on the law later. Tell High Command to revamp the entire strategy. Start bringing in the reservists and double all border guards. Also, put the gears rolling on the NSES project. I want the greyshirts in action by the end of the week" Tepe responded shortly afterwards in the same sith dialect before pocketing the comlink and looking at the building they had managed to come in front of while he was speaking with the aide.


Shortly after Arlyn had entered the waiting room, the same Kel Dor that had only a few hours ago arrived from Wayland entered the same room. He gave a glance at the woman before entering the conference room without any objection from the guards. The Inner Circle didn't even flinch as the sage named Gor Dash entered and took a seat next to a wall, as he was merely an advisor and nothing more before he took the new aide's job as his own. The meeting continued for a while before the leading member gave the signal to the guards to bring in Lady Ivy. Sitting silently, Gor merely observed as the Lady was given way so she could get inside the dimly lit room with seven men and two women sitting around a round table with a holoprojector in the middle.

"Lady Ivy, please take a seat" one of the men said, turning his seat around so he could face her and pointed towards the only vacant seat around the table. As soon as she was seated, the meeting continued.
"Now, Lady Ivy, you were brought here because we have given you the honor of being one of the few people in the Inner Circle. Unfortunately, once the decision is made, you cannot refuse because you know already too much of us. This will be your first meeting, so let us start it with some spy information" he said, activating the infromation on the disk provided by the Baran Do sage.

"This is the latest news we have of the locations of Tepe's fleets and armies and their strenghts. The Dark Lord doesn't wish to strike yet upon the, so it must only mean he is weak. Are there objections of replacing him? Any proposals for the replacement?" the head of the Circle asked.

((Miracle, you're free to control the Inner Circle as you wish))

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