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Originally Posted by stoffe
Perhaps they will re-open and more appear if I progress further in the main quest?
Iím playing on the 360 so I do not know if the PC version is different, but I believe the re-opening of the gates is tied to level system. My first play through the gates would open back up almost before I closed the last one. That was before I followed Stoffe advice from another thread on how to set up my character (thanks for the sharing your wonderful advice by the way). Some gates like the Kvatch gate or Allies for Bruma gates do not reopen. Iím also pretty sure the gate outside Fort Such does not reopen (because it involve a little side quest).

Since setting up my characters the way Stoffe suggested I havenít notice the gates reopening. This is why I believe it must be tied into the level system.

On my first play through I closed 35 gates (I thought that was the object of the entire game), before discovering the joys of enchanting items with soul gems those sigil stones were really handy and powerful towards the end of the main quest. Never had the patients to close anywhere near 56 gates.
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