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More news!

Of interest:

FiringSquad: What are the development team's favorite new monsters in Mask of the Betrayer?

Kevin Saunders: This isn't a new creature, but everyone loves the chicken's new flying kick attack that animator Andrea Bobick created. Why would a chicken need to be able to do a flying kick, you ask? You'll see... =)

FiringSquad: What is the current status of the expansion's progress and when will it be released?

Kevin Saunders: We just achieved a full progression of the game. From here on in, it's all about polishing. Atari has announced a release date of Fall, 2007.
Interestingly, it seems Obsidian has finally found itself able to set realistic design targets - which gives me hope.

Edit: Oh and according to Jeff Husges we will have horses but no mounts (I don't think they work well in a game like NWN2 where the areas are so small, anyway). "In. Not as mounts, though."
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