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w00t I found a free moment where I had nothing to do so I can now write a reply.


The Imperial engineers came together above Korriban and together with the Sith engineers they worked around the clock to get the Starforge Operational. The Stealth Field around the construction site prevented any radar or visual detection. Beside that, Darth Blaze used a form of Battle Meditation to make it unable to sence through the force. Meanwhile Darth Aap was studying the blueprints on how the dark energy's work.
Back at the academy, 35 of the 53 sith apprentices had reached a prestige class.

Imperial Guard: Lord Aap, we have just spotted a large Rebel scout force 406 miles from the temple. Should I send an imperial squad to take them out?

Darth Aap: No. I don't want our presence here to be discovered just yet. We will attack when the time is there to attack. Tell the apprentices to release the Hississ beasts. They will deal with the rebels and they won't suspect that we are here. They will probaly stop scouting here because of those dangers. The rebels appear to be very caring for their men's lives. They won't saccrifise more men.

Imperial Guard: Right away Lord.

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