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I found this strange thing in Morrowind, but I think it would be best to post it here rather than in another topic, since this is likely to exist in the other thing.

My character joined the Imperial Cult and read his book but became quite shocked when he saw this passage about the Cult's views on other guilds:

Though we cannot condone the actions of the Thevies Guild, we praise their faithful dedication to the Emporer and Imperial culture.

The Imperial cults has the greatest respect for the high moral principles of House Redran and the Morag Tong, and honors their different but noble conceptions of Divine Inspiration.
Is it just the Imperial Cult in Morrowind, or are all Imperial Cults this kooky? For one thing, since when does robbing houses show a respect to the Emporer or Imperial Culture? Isn't that, say, illegal? If I rob a house, would the guards buy that I am doing it in service of the Empire? I doubt it. I'd assume religious people would see it as an disgrace to have theives exist, not as a point of pride and glory. It's the equilviant of the Catholic Church stating that while they do not condone the Mafia's actions, they do support the Mafia's conservative lifestyle and devotion to the Saints.

And the Morag Tong is an assisan's it seems werid that they would love bounty hunters who would kill for a couple of gold. (Come to think of it...why is the Morag Tong legal in Morrowind?)

...Any help? This strange thing has been bothering me, and it does draw me somewhat into the Morrowind game (this isn't exactly Kansas, Toto).

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