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[FIC]KOTOR chapter3

Chapter Three: What Once Was Lost Can Be Found

Admiral Carth Onasi, a soldier in his 40's who had been an ally of the
reformed Jedi Revan, greeted Padme in his office.
"I'm sorry for your loss,Exile,it is Telos"s loss as well.He was a great help
at rebuilding Telos for that he has my eternal gratitude.If theres anything
I can do let me know.I unfortunately know loss all to well" Carth sympthized.
"Yes you lost your wife here several years ago here because of Darth Malak
and an Admiral who was once a friend of yours,I believe.I want a quiet,small
funeral for him.If he can be buried by the shores of Telos I would be grateful
beyond words"asked Padme.
Carth replied "Consider It done.A small shrine for him will be made-"
Visas Marr entered the room.A Miraluka she had no eyes a red headdress
hid her face where her eyes would have been .She dressed head to toe in
black and red.It hugged her body which did not go unnoticed from the
Carth approached her "Pleased to meet any ally of the Exile.I saw you once
after you had helped the Exile and Cand- I mean Mandolore.You didn't
notice.I mean it's not like you could be-"
Visas cut him off"Because I am blind.I have Force sight Mr. Onasi I sensed
your presense.Was not that hard , grief and anger reeks from you."
Ouch,thought the Exile,[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well insult for insult I guess.
Carth was taken aback.Visas sensed this and wished now that she had chosen her words better found herself suprisingly guilt-ridden"I have lost
alot as well.I know your pain,your regret,I understand it."
"You lost your home planet.You know how it feels to lose your home.To feel
so alone as your world literally falls apart around you."Carth was suprised
how open he was around her.
"I was a Sith asassin, my presense here must bother you.I just wanted the Exile to know that the body is ready for buriel.So now I'm gonna-"Visas started leaving as she was leaving but Carth grabbed her hand.
"I learned many years ago from Revan that redemption is possible.He did it
and so have you.You helped save the place I call home.Thank you.''Carth told Visas.
Padme watched there tender exchange and thought maybe what they have
lost they can find in each other.
"So we can have his funeral tomorrow by the shore.Padme asked.
"Yes,tomorrow,''Carth replied then looked to Visas,"Til' tomorrow"
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