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Lyna, sitting in front of the fireplace, stared at the holodisc. Was she dreaming? The young woman said to Cyan, "If this is real... maybe I should take a look at this holodisc. Or later." Cyan licked Lyna's hand. The young woman laughed. "Well... maybe later."

She wondered if Cade and the others were ok. If something happened... she'd be there. Lyna placed the holodisc in her bag.


"Ok, ok. Ya ready?" Bonty said, more excitedly. "He's on Ossus, with some other Jedi. Ya know, where the Massacre occured. Also, I wanna have payback on what they did to me!" He glared. "Skywalker's the one who cutted off my ear, and my former slave girl, who's also a Jedi, scratched me on my wonderful face!"

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