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[FIC]KOTOR chapter4

A New Era
Chapter Four:
Saying Goodbye To An Old Friend ,Saying Hello To A New Enemy

The Ebon Hawk crew were all dressed in there Jedi robes.Mandolore was
absent due to an emergency on Dxun.Admiral Onasi was there.
Padme holding back tears said her goodbyes.In a rare show of unity Mical and
Atton each held one of the Exile's hands without fighting.Mical ever the Jedi
gave a moving speach about being one with the Force.
After the funeral Carth pulled Mical aside "I send you to spy on her and you
become a Jedi.You wanted this mission to see the Exile again,right,"
Mical responded"I am sorry I did not tell you my history with the Exile.I know
I was supposed to get information and come back but-"
"You fell in love with her.I know that look.I have had that look."Carth said.
"Yes Admiral I have.I love her ,I really do.She has such strength and courage
what she has faced and what she will face.I could never have such strength
as her.She says I will become a great Jedi.She said she was told this.She
also said where she soon must go , we can not follow."said MIcal.
"Like Revan.So she does plan to find him and help him."replied Carth.
"Yes.She just wanted to make sure all of our training was complete.That we
would be okay without her."Mical smiled as he said this.
"Yeah your hooked.Is it me or do you have compatiton for the lady's heart?"Carth asked.
"Atton Rand, you mean.Yes he is rather fond of the Jedi.I actually worry
about him.What will become of him when she leaves?"Mical answered.
"That is just like you Mical, worrying about the rival's mental health"Carth
"I am back Master.I have a list of the rest of the Exile's companions.Shall
I read them off?" asked a cloaked figure in black.
"Yes,you may said another cloaked figure in black.
"Mira:early 20's,red hair,known for wearing a skimpy green top and black
leather pants.Mical:also early 20's.Blonde hair,blue eyes.He's being trained
to be a Jedi Master.Atton Rand:early 30's.Brown hair and eyes .A scruffy demeanor.He and Mical may be a problem they watch over the Exile like
hawks.The new Mandolore is also an ally of the Exile.Visas Marr is also-"the
cloaked man was interuppted by the other cloaked man.
! I WILL SEE TO IT MYSELF!,"he screamed."That traitior will be punished
most harshly for her betrayal.This Exile shall suffer.This is far, far from over"
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