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You are in a debate forum. People are going to debate with you when they believe you are stating things that are not correct.
Didn't a moderator say that to you, not so long ago? How odd.

In other words you stated America uses it's military force to butcher innocent Iraqis.
I stated: "What I'm not in favour of is using that military force to butcher innocent Iraqis for no reason other than political gain for our ruling classes." which you'll note is different to what you just typed.

And I was referring to- among other atrocities- our invasion of Iraq in 2003, which caused untold DIRECT Iraqi civilian casualties... and of course indirectly has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands more. I presume you don't dispute that these things happened?

I'm going to make this clear, prove it or STFU
How emotional. As implied above, unless your contention is that our illegal and immoral invasion did NOT cause massive civilian deaths... it is already proven.

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