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You would also be against torture I take it, genocide, being allowed to get away with atrocities, ect, that would be correct wouldn't it?
Absolutely correct. That is why... for instance... I oppose US/UK torture, US/UK sponsored genocide and US/UK atrocities worldwide. It's basic morality.

Well you tell me. Obviously a lot of people are morally wrong, they don't abide by a mathamatical sheet like a computer. So the question is how to fix that.
Well Nancy, how do you try to "fix" the fact that a lot of people commit CRIMES? You penalise them and take measures to prevent further crimes.

It'd be the same with morality, and ideally, the law SHOULD be pure morality. The fact that the law is currently flawed means that campaigning is necessary to improve the legal system and our lexicon of laws. That's all.

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