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Originally Posted by Spider AL

Just because something is regarded as moral in one culture and immoral in another means nothing, except that at least ONE of those cultures has gotten it wrong.
Before you seek knowledge, you have to know that you are ignorant.
It might be the case that there is no preference between right and wrong respect to other cultures.
Maybe there is no static wrong or right; but a choice of the society.
Well, of course not other cultures on Earth, maybe far beyond Earth.
Other universes maybe!

But I'm wasting my time telling you wisdom, you only care for logic.

Originally Posted by Spider AL
Like numbers, objective morality is an abstract objective standard, it remains static whether people perceive it correctly or not.
I don't agree that morality can be objective to intelligent life forms, since most intelligent living beings, that we know of here have emotions and personal bias.
And also the abstract concept of morality, was conceive by humans here that had emotions and personal bias, of course.

Maybe a A.I. (artificial intelligence) can be objective to morality, since they won't have no emotions, unless the intelligent lifeform can figure out how to give it human or intelligence life form emotions.

Since it's looks like presently (maybe when we become more of aware of the rest of existence) that a A.I. don't get created by the universe, a intelligent life form will have to create the A.I. intelligence, a intelligence life form that will have it's personal bias influencing the preference of the A.I. intelligence.

That will of course, lead to negating a A.I.'s moral objectivity.

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