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"What's the status, Eddie?" Beth inquired as the big man entered her little house.

"I got Martha a job in a mechanic's shop," Ed McGrath answered, running a hand through his short, graying hair. "Vince an' me'll do cargo loading to whatever ships as need loaders. Couldn't find anythin' for you or Leila. There's bartending, I s'pose, but really don't think either of ya wanna do that..."

"You figure right," Leila agreed hurriedly. "C'mon, there's gotta be some form of cargo hauler I can drive about on this rock!"

"Not even a horse an' cart, I'm afraid," Ed answered sadly. "Figure you built up a reputation from last time the mayor let you drive his wagon through town..."

"Crashed on accident!" Leila protested. "Damn horses wouldn't listen to me... I work better with ships anyhow..."

"It's alright, Ed," Beth interrupted her pilot's rant. "I'll find something for Leila and myself. We'll get through this and get back to the skies. Don't you worry overmuch."

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