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"Ossus?" Nihl's ears were enlightened with curiosity as to why Skywalker was over at Ossus. "There is nothing but the remains of the Jedi Praxeum left over from the Massacre. What could he and his companions be doing there?"


Cade had lost all sense of direction from the surrounding Jungle and wild-life.

"Oh, man! I am so freakin' lost!" he spun around in circles. He lost track of Shado, but all he could here in the background was the loud rushing water. He followed the noise.

As he was rushing his way through the jungle, he could still here water. It was getting closer and much louder.

He made a halt near a river bank which ended near a large waterfall. In the distance of the waterfall, he could see the figure he was chasing. It definatly wasn't Wolf. Or Shado. Or anybody he could remember...

((Oh, man! I immediatly regret what I have just done with Cade, making him follow that figure through the jungle. 'Cause I have no idea what could happen next. Hey, SR! Just out of curiousity, what is the plot of this RP. Not in terms of this is about Cade and trying to defeat the Sith or anything like that, but what is this story going to introduce? Say for example He finds a special gun to destroy the Sith. I suppose the most easiest way to put this is: what are we doing? ))
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