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At last, the power supply replaced. No more internet via mobile phone.

Originally Posted by stoffe
It's a screenshot from the game using a quick re-skin I've made of the Radiant Jen character, which I'm currently playing as:
So it's just re-skinning? I thought I saw ponytail there. My bad eyes.

Anyway, I've replayed through both of my SWKotOR and tried to mod it myself (succesfully though not much, yay) instead of dnloading pre-existed ones just to get more grasp on those wonderful tools. Now I have theories:
1. It seems like everything can be hexed. I never tried though, never knew it, never had it.
2. The .txi files can override some .2da entry.
3. If theory 2 is true, maybe the .mdx files can do the same.

Anyone can help me on this? Any clarification, confirmation, comments, or curses are very much appreciated.

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