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((Ok. Cade is trying to fight the dark side, but it keeps gripping him. If he turns to the dark side, he'll become a Sith. But Lyna, and the others, are trying to keep him in the Light side of the Force as much as they can. Especially Lyna.
And also, the main point is: If Cade's heart chooses to follow his Legacy... or the Dark Side. That's why I called it Heart of the Legacy. Maybe you could say that... the figure is trying to lure him to the dark side. If ya want to.))

Bonty shrugged. "Who knows. Maybe they're training there secretly... and planning on how to overthrow you guys. But hey, I'm on your side!" He smiled, as if he won a big cash.


As Lyna was meditating near the fireplace, she felt a disturbance in the Force. In her mind, she could picture Cade in a dark suit. ((not Darth Vader's)) His eyes were glowing yellow, and he carried a red bladed lightsaber. As he was killing all the Jedi, including Shado, Wolf, and Ganner, he tries to persuade Lyna on joining the dark side.

But Lyna refuses, and tries to bring him back to the light. Cade shows no mercy, and impales the blade through her chest. Waking up from the nightmare, Lyna screams out, "NOOOO!!!" She looks around, startled. And noticed about Cade. "Cade," she whispered.

Lyna picked up Cyan and ran for the entrance. As she got there, she tried to contact him through the Force. "Cade? Can you hear me?"

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