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A New Era: Chapter 5

Star Wars:Knights Of The Old Republic
Chapter Five
Bastila Returns

"Exile,Exile I know your scared of what you must face, but the longer you
wait your loved ones will die. Your love will destroy them.More deaths,more blood on your hands .Can you live with that?"Padme woke up from her dream she knew that voice-Bastila.
Padme,pale as a ghost, rushed into Carth's office, taking him by suprise.
"Is something wrong Exile your shaking?" Carth asked.
"Bastila,Is she still alive?"Padme said.
"Yes,she is why?"Carth questioned.
"I think she contacted my in a dream.I need to know if it was really her,"Padme finally stopped shaking.
"I will see what I can do.Besides invaded dreams,how are you and your crew
"We are still in shock but we are dealing with are grief."
"You believe a Sith took over his mind and had him kill himself.How do you
this won't happen again?"Carth said worried.
"I don't know.If I leave to find Revan know ,I don't think this Sith will stop.
I think this will continue whether I am here or not.At least I know Visas
is somewhat safe considering a certain Admiral has been spending alot of time with her."Padme shocked Carth with her words, he blushed.
"Well I um-heh-.Being aruond Revan and watching him with Bastila-I believe their falling in love played a big part in them turning ther back to the light,as a Jedi might say.At the end of the day they used their love in a positive way.I see Visas struggling and I believe I can help her.I have to try. It's something Revan would encourage if he were here."Carth said and smiled.
"She wants to go to her home planet,Katarr.To make as much peace as she can.Will you help me make sure she lives long enough so she find this peace?"
Before Carth could answer his office door opened.
"Carth why would'nt your secretary let Rocky and I through"came a female voice.
Padme froze.Standing in the doorway,in equal shock,was Bastila and holding
Bastila's hand with his tiny little fingers a little boy- a spitting image of Revan.Same dark features but with Bastila's blue eyes.
Carth said"Hey Rocky how are ya.Bastila this is a bad time"
"So,Padme Hawkeye you got my message"Bastila looked at Padme.
Carth thought to himself,this will not end well.
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