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chapter 6

A New Era
Chapter Six
A Long Time Ago We Used To Be Friends

"Sweetie,can you wait outside for minute"Bastila said to the little boy.The boy listened and left.
"Well old friend I am gonna guess that is Revan's son.I heared you finally
bagged him- for awhile at least.He doesn't even know that he has a son does he"Padme said.
"No he doesn't.I found out after he left."Bastila inhaled sharply and ran her
fingers through her light brown hair.
"Not that I am not curious about your little boy but I do believe you said that you did send that message.Have you ever heard of mail,Bastila.I can't believe your invading minds again."
"It was the only way I knew that I would have your undived attention"Bastila smirked.They both glared at each other.
"I can't believe I'm saying this: there is no emotion,there is peace."Carth said
,trying to intervine.
"SHUT UP!"the women screamed.
"Listen ladies this is my office okay ,so both of you calm down.May I remind you both theres a little boy out there wondering why you two are yelling.
'' Carth finally got through to them.
"Sorry,Bastila-it must be hard"Padme apologized.
"Carth helps me out alot."Bastila said.
The door burst open again.Carth wondered does anyone around here knock anymore.
"Admiral I have my report on my time with the Exile and my resignation"said Mical.Mical and Padme locked eyes.
"Mical,your a spy?"Padme could hardly get the words out of her mouth.
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