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When they're released i think the best ones for TSL are gonna be:

(1). TSLRP.
(2). Rhen Var.

My alltime favs for K1 (in rank order) are:

(1). Slaughter The Council.
(2). Manaan Fish Fest.
(3). Ord Mandell.
(4). Korriban Crystal Caves.
(5). Recruit RedHawke.
(6). Kill Yuka Laka.
(7). Shores of Death.
(9). Sith Planet of Taris.
(10). Super Enhanced Mod for Kotor & TSL.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
Something I have already done but it isn't something that everyone has done (they should have by now, at least those still around).
Lucky you had your own site RH, would have been a shame to lose some of your mods (especially your recruit mod and Ord Mandell mod)
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