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What is everyone's opinion on Wikipedia? For those who really do not know (aw, come on), Wikipedia is an encyclopedia unique in that the vast majority of articles can be freely edited by everyone. I myself have become a devoted 'Wikipedian', and I think this system really has merit as well as a great future. Studies and peer-review disagree as to how accurate the encyclopedia is, but have found that its science articles are on par with those of leading encyclopedias (Wiki's own article on its reliability).

I personally think Wikipedia is a good starting point for research, although I would not quote it directly. For example, if you're looking for the definition of a train, look it up on Wikipedia, find it, and then cite the source Wikipedia uses (in this case the article would be '' and the source would be 'Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (1948). Rules: Operating Department, p 7'.

I recommend this video by the founder for more information. Let's get this discussion started.

Edit: Oh, and here's my longest-by-far contribution. I finally got it to look pretty good, with nearly every statement sourced, after five hours of work last night (ugh). It still needs images, though, and public domain pictures of the area are hard as Heck to come by.

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