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Alixe Medcraft snuck through the dense jungle of Endor, where the Empire was beginning construction of a shield generator for the new Death Star.
"Remember, the Emperor's Hand is meant to be down there, so remain on your toes." Up ahead was a clearing, and hopefully somewhere she could get a better look at things.
"Understood." The woman wasn't really Alixe, rather her clone that the Emperor created to infiltrate the Rebellion, but as long as no one could tell the diffirence the details didn't bother her. She went out to get a look at the lay of the land below when she heard a rustling behind her. She pulled up her blaster pistol as a woman, a redhead, stepped out from the bushes, her hands reaching for her lightsaber. The Alixe clone immediately lowered the blaster as she recognised who it was. "Mara," she said, identifying Palpatine's prodigy. She felt the woman try and use her Force Currupt ability on her. "Don't do that please, I'm on your side."
"So you say." The two faced off for a moment as Mara probed the clone's mind. "You're diffirent to the woman we cloned you from."
"I had a longer ponytail." The clone had kept her head shaved so she could continue to pass herself off as the Rebel commando. "Have some information to pass on to your boyfriend as well." Mara fumed at this.
"Tell me what you found out or I'll kill you myself." The hand resting on the hilt of the lightsaber indicated she was serious.
"The Rebels are certain there's something going on here. They just don't know what." Mara's eye narrowed.
"What can we expect to encounter?" she asked.
"Spies probably." Alixe gave a shrug. "For all I know she could be here now. Be her type of thing." She, of course, was Alixe herself, the real soldier that loyally served Naboo.
"Is she in on this?" The clone regarded this for a moment before heading to the edge of the clearing, looking at the base.
"Let's find out. Wanna join?"
"I'll pass Alixe." She looked up then turned to face Mara.
"That won't do at all. I need a code name of some description."
"Your Stormtrooper code," Mara suggested.
"It's so impersonal." As the Sith in training wondered if she was serious the clone's face lit up. "Call me Vanile Xer?"
"What?" Mara demanded to know.
"Anagram, something I encountered on Korriban made me think of it." She crouched to go over the edge. "By the way, when I speak with command I'll bring up Lord Vader's proposal for Skywalker. Real hard to keep our finger off the trigger after all he's done. Catch you later."
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