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Anya didn't speak throughout the discussion for, after the excitement and tension of battle, she feared that she would not be able to hold herself in check if she were to enter it. For she was not nearly so harmonized as Pallas nor was she so level-headed as Lux with the adreneline still pumping erradically through her body. Determined to quell the beast inside, she sat off to the side, trying to concentrate on forcing herself into a meditative state.

The concentrating bit wasn't all that easy, however. Just because she wasn't participating in the conversation didn't mean that she couldn't hear it. She was getting more and more frustrated with it every time Fredrick opened his mouth - especially when he went from being indignant and selfish to begging and contrite in the span of, oh say, thirty seconds.

"Somehow, Fredrick," she said, her head still bent and eyes still closed, "I find it quite difficult to believe that you joined Revan and Malak simply to defend Corellia, considering that you joined around the same time as us - at least months before we even knew that the Mandalorian fleet was going to be attacking Corellia. I also find it hard to believe that you could change your reasons and beliefs so truly and so sincerely as quickly as you seem to want to lead us to believe."

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