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"Right there," Tulre pointed at a small hut sitting near the riverbank. The smoke from the fire rose gently and lazily from within the hut and all looked inviting. The white wolf was there watching them. Tulre continued, "Cousin Ben knew that we would be here with Father. I suppose he told you we would be here Master Jedi?"

Almalexia was amused at the response the twins gave. The stories were true that they were the most unusual set of twins ever. In a sense they rivaled that of the Solo twins but they were like any other persons. She could also see that they were devoted to their father and looked after him like a mother would would. It brought her almost to a stop at the thought as she remembered the stories of his mother, how she saved Belos from starvation and destruction, how she saved Aztlan from usurpation of the governorship but never what a loving mother she was to her children. All four of them. She kept her thoughts to herself until Tulre spoke about Ben Skywalker. She voice gently to Hethra, "It appears they are still on top of everything in spite of their time here."

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